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Reputation Management

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Reputation Management: What is it?

reputation maangement In the last 12 months reputation management has really started to become a buzz word on the net, no surprise when everyone is now blogging. Many potential customers, job applicants and investors will now research a company on Google before making a decision. If you are looking to sell your business make sure it's squeaky clean online, otherwise it could cost a lot more. We very much focus on developing a strategy to feed positive content to smother the first few pages and help bury negative results that could be costing your company. Up to 70% of people will click on a negative result if it is just below the company website. We can also help you remove negative incorrect information from websites if its untrue or its libellous slander.

A single negative link under your company name can destroy profits without the proper Reputation Management.

Companies spend years building a reputation so protecting your brand or product is critical, often companies find it difficult to put a price on reputation management. As newspapers decline and bloggers take over it will become more vital to high profile individuals and companies. The question may well be how much people value their online brand? The answer right now? Probably more than the amount of resources they are willing to apply to managing it. It's only when it becomes a real issue and starts costing companies in lost sales and damaging their reputation do they normally come to us. It's much easier and cheaper if you come to us before issues arise, taking a preventive measure will help not only protect your brand but also stop unscrupulous competitors taking your space or even worse, getting negative content high up in the search results.

The Internet Management Reputation Experts

Search engines are often used to create negative information regarding a company or an individual for the purpose of defamation. why us Many people click on only the first page of the search results and rely on some level of search engine optimization to cause negative search results to rise and a negative on the first three positions of search page results will cause damage to the reputation now this is known as" online reputation terrorism" Which means online damaging information's about an individual, product, services or company.

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